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Welcome to MedusaWeb

Let MedusaWeb help you to create a fantastic and dynamic website. PHP is a powerful web scripting language, and together MySQL, a powerful and free database application, you can have a website which is interactive and which will bring people to your site and keep them there. I have built sites and programs for a wide variety of organizations, and can build you a site, or a program to meet your needs.

As a general rule, my programming is all open source. This means that the source code of the completed site will be completely available to you (even if I use prebuilt modules from other programs) so that you will be able to edit the code later whenever you want. Wherever possible, I will implement other open source applications, such as ZenCart, to save you money.

Let's get this right out in the open: I am not a designer. I am fully competent with HTML and CSS, and even can use a little Java where necessary. If you tell me exactly how you want your page to look, I can implement it. Additionally, I can also create a design for you, but I would recommend that you have the page's layout and design done by a professional graphic designer.

Thank you for visiting MedusaWeb!